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Diehard Edward FanHQ!

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CAMP EDWARD (In support of Our Man, Edward Cullen!)


camp_edward is for the diehard Edward fan, and dedicated to all things Edward Cullen of Stephenie Meyer's Twilightseries. This means each & every post will have something to do with Our Man, Edward Cullen and any affiliated topics, such as EdwardxBella, the Cullen family, vampire lore/legends, posts for icons, fanfiction, fanmixes, fanart, and other fanworks related to our cause, and of course updates on the series as a whole whenever they become available. Our mission: LOVE EDWARD! Support Edward! Spread our Edward Love!


Paola // calamityqueen // deep-mirrors

Europa // wishclover // cleverheart

Chisato // 509am // mero-mero

Chrizta // midnightsabre // serenity-skies


1) Obviously, be a fellow Edward fan!!!!

2) Please do NOT join if you're only going to post about how much better Jacob is. Duuuh. Go make a community called Camp Jacob and post over THERE. It definitely isn't that we don't like Jacob! It's just, we like Edward MORE...and we wouldn't go to a Jacob fan community just to harrass them, so please don't do that to us! Likewise, THERE WILL BE NO JACOB BASHING IN THIS COMMUNITY! (Only Edward-lovin'!)

3) Do NOT spam the community with things that aren't specifically Edward-related! By Edward-related, I mean the following things are acceptable to post about:

Edward Cullen, of course
The Cullen Family
Vampire lore/legend
Stephenie Meyer & Twilight series news
Your undying love for any of the above

4) You may post anything fanmade on this community, so long as it involves any of the topics listed in #3. Post your icons, fanfiction (we aren't huge on fanfiction here, but we don't mind you posting it as long as you don't spam us with it...!), fanmixes, fanart...anything you've made to show your Edward appreciation & enthusiasm! We'd love to see it & comment on it! Please keep it appropriate and don't get TOO risque on us...! As a final note on this...CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ONLY.

5) No posts in sTiCkY cApS or written in excessive AIM language; feel free to use LOL and other such things, but don't make your post look like a text message or AIM window O__O Oh yes, smilies are fine too, but the same rules apply.

6) This is somewhat related to one of the rules already written, but PLEASE don't cross-post your Twilight entries to this community unless your post is mostly about Edward. This is, after all, Camp EDWARD. Not Camp EVERYTHINGANDANYTHINGABOUTTWILIGHT. There are plenty of other communities that are wonderful and were made especially for those entries...try topazanddebussy and twilight_byte!

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